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Top 10 Best Yoga Clothes Brands 2019

Do you know why people take up yoga? It’s not an exercise, a religion or a health course. The typical answer to this question is “It changes your life” or “It’s a refreshing experience”. How do you define this experience?

Top 10 Best Yoga Clothes Brands 2019

Yoga is a way of living your life, under the doctrines and guidance of discipline. Its goal is to improve and maintain your spiritual balance so that you can breeze through life.

Comprehension of such a complex idea isn’t possible. When you’re doing yoga, your mind transcends the worldly realm and walks into a more peaceful and harmonic state. In order to remain in that realm, you must concentrate, which isn’t possible unless you’re comfortable.

The sheer number of yoga clothing brands is baffling and choosing one among them can be equally hard, if not impossible.

Here is a list of the best yoga clothes brands from around the web. Each of them caters to a specific lifestyle and taste to brighten your day.

  1. Lululemon Yoga- Ever heard of a shop hosting complimentary yoga sessions? Well , Lululemon does it, every week.

Every week they push their products aside and transform the shop into a makeshift yoga studio. Their dedication towards yoga is also manifested in the products they create. They believe that proper alignment is necessary and is also not achievable without proper clothes. Baggy yoga apparels not only makes it hard to stretch but also makes it difficult for your instructor to spot possible mistakes you might be committing.

As a result, Lulumelon has committed themselves to create exclusive yoga clothes that are flexible, dry quickly and promises to deliver the best possible experience throughout your session.

Trust Lululemon Yoga, they know what's best for your line of interest.

  1. Lorna Jane Yoga - Lorna Jane isn't just about producing premium quality yoga gear, but to do so in an environmentally-friendly way.

Yoga is a discipline that teaches us to balance the difficulties we face during our lifetime, all the while keeping us healthy. However, we can never be healthy or happy in an environment that reeks of pollution and decay. The company has taken up the responsibility to create eco-friendly clothes that significantly reduces carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.

Compared to other companies, Lorna Jane doesn’t employ multiple factories to create their product. They have a single source of production which not only give them better control over their gear but also ensures high-quality clothes, better designs and most all a proactive supply chain with dedicated workers who further reinforce the overall standard of the yoga gear. 

The designs by Lorna Jane are the result of simplicity and decades worth of work. For those of you who take their practice seriously, the company provides the best possible apparels. At first glance, the difference between sports and yoga gear may not be obvious, but differences exist. Sports gears are more robust in nature while the yoga ones are comparatively more flexible.

  1. ALALA - The brand speaks of power and audacity. The willingness to take up new challenges and the courage to face those that already lay ahead on your path. The idea is even implemented in their designs. Your life has a steady flow of engagements, some professional, some personal. People are finding it harder and harder to acquire that ‘me’ time.

The colors and the designs are carefully selected in order to bring out and highlight your unique personality, no matter who you are or where you’re from. ALALA brings out the best in you and makes you look good while doing it, providing comfort and flexibility over everything else.

Yoga is a comfort inducing activity which demands sophistication and finesse. In a world where the very meaning of living is being constantly redefined, ALALA acts as an anchor, providing you with a mental and physical satisfaction when you concentrate on your yoga sessions.

  1. Beyond Yoga - Beyond Yoga is one of the most simple yoga clothing companies. They believe in simple truth and provide a rather high standard of clothing. They are convinced that the clothes you wear define your personality. Even the simple design and color of the yoga apparel brands you choose reveal a lot. Thus, they are here to bring out the best in you.

Beyond Yoga not only offer the most comfortable and supportive gear but also extended sizes for those extended cheeks.

When it comes to comfort, the least bit of compromise can lead to a world of hurt and uneasiness. Yoga is meant for relaxation and the last thing you want is to constantly adjust your clothes, while you should be concentrating on your positions and inner peace. The importance of inner peace is not unknown to Beyond Yoga.

Express your inner self with repose all-the-while enjoying the beauty of life. 

  1. Pure Apparel - The best thing about Pure Apparel is its community and that’s what makes it unique out of all rest in the list. Community-based yoga wear brands are hard to come by. Although there is nothing wrong with the existing ones, they lack a sort of oneness that is evident in a community brand.

Over the years, Pure Apparel has catered to the specific tastes of their yoga community. Though they have dedicated designers, the majority of the design is determined and nominated by the people themselves.

The innovation and design that goes into the fabrics cultivate fresh opportunities for expressing your inner self. Also, as the company is influenced by the community itself, the designs naturally appeal to them.

If you’re looking for something with a personal touch, this is one place you should definitely visit.

  1. Jala Clothing - Jala products are specifically famous for yoga purposes. Each and every piece of clothing is carefully crafted keeping in mind these few aspects:





Simply put, they are mindful creations. The sheer number of designs is unparalleled. Do you want eco-friendly dresses? They have it. Something with inspirational graphics? They have it too.

Jala is also among one of the famous hot yoga clothing brands. If you want to show off those curves, then you should strongly consider Jala’s wide catalog of choices.

They always keep adding new designs and modify older ones to suit the style statement of the present day and age.

It amazing how they produce such seamless and comfortable yoga products. It’s almost as if the fabrics hug your skin with the perfect force. Not too imposing, but just enough to show off the curves and appear invisible when you’re concentrating on your sessions.

  1. Karma - Karma is when architecture meets clothing. Putting on a Karma will instantly uplift your mind and soul, reinforcing it with courage and confidence.

Imagine any solid and sturdy structure such as the Eiffel Tower, or the London Bridge. All of them are man-made wonders, giant structures standing as a testament to man’s creative prowess.

One glance at Karma merchandises and you will be instantly reminded about these monumental structures. It’s truly baffling how the company managed to pull this off. They believe that physical goals in health and fitness elevate your soul and compel your mind to focus on greater accomplishments.

Karma’s goal is to empower those of you who are willing to enhance their own lives and take to a higher form of existence.

Their designs breathe power into your mind. Also, thanks to the involvement of the community, they can target the desires and demands of the people more efficiently. In other words, Karma has a high chance of coming with a design that may truly resonate with your mind and inner self.

  1. Oiselle - Premium quality yoga wears prioritizing style, endurance, and fabrics that guarantee to stretch as far as your own imagination. The world is changing. Each generation inventing design niches of their own and Oiselle not only has them on record but manages to obsessively implement them flawlessly in their clothing.

It’s simply the most complicated brand you will come across on the web.

  1. STRONGBODY Apparel - If it’s quality you’re after, with a pinch of technology and a smidge of tradition, you’ve come to the right place. STRONGBODY is a visionary brand, creating apparels for those of you who dare to dream and pack the courage to turn them into reality.

Minimalistic design, with engineered constructions, helps to create yoga wear that caters specifically to your taste. The unique texture and visual elements of your gear exude confidence, compelling you to push yourself well beyond your comfort zone.

  1. TheFreeYoga - Yoga is a tradition and TheFreeYoga brand intends to keep it that way. This is a discipline whose sole purpose is to introduce you to the world of calm and composure.

When it comes to the mind, nothing they do can motivate you. But when it comes to the body, they can do a whole lot.

TheFreeYoga’s sole intention is to ensure you have a pleasant experience during your workout and to make you look good while you’re at it. Quality clothing is of the utmost importance when undergoing a yoga session. The last you want is to feel uneasy while undergoing a complicated stretch.

So spare yourself the future discomfort and get some premium clothing from TheFreeYoga.

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