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What To Wear When Exercising

It is very important to wear the right type of clothes when exercising. The proper clothing should be comfortable to wear and allow you to exercise using a wide range of motion. In fact, if you don’t choose the correct workout clothes, it can affect your performance while you are working out and can make you feel more tired than usual. 

What To Wear When Exercising

Here are some tips you can follow to choose the right workout clothes for you -

1. Choose Activewear - Activewear clothes are a type of garment which is specially made for exercising. Plus, you can also wear them if you want to go out as they look casual and trendy, and are comfortable to wear as well. 

Activewear clothes are made with special synthetic fibers that have good wicking properties. Thus, wearing such clothes while exercising will allow your skin to breathe and you won’t feel the sweat even after an intense workout session. As a result, your body will stay cool. 

The wicking process also ensures that you can achieve maximum performance during your workout session without feeling too hot. 

2. Avoid wearing cotton clothes - Cotton clothes are very comfortable to wear but these are not the ideal clothing choice for when you want to exercise. If you work out intensely, you will sweat a lot. Cotton clothes will absorb all sweat in your body and make it sticky and heavy. Thus, you will find it harder to exercise after some time.

However, cotton clothes can still be good if you only plan on doing light exercises such as stretching or jogging.

3. Choose clothes that fit your body - Some people prefer to wear clothes that fit their body well because they want to look good while exercising. However, it also has the added benefit of providing you with a wider range of motion.  

Many people also prefer to workout in loose clothes because they don’t like sweat. However, it can be difficult to do explosive exercise in loose clothing. Choose activewear dresses if you don’t like sweating too much.

4. Choose a clothing according to your needs - You need to wear different types of clothes for doing different types of exercises. It is not a good idea to wear long pants while biking or running as they can make you uncomfortable or even make you trip. Similarly, if you want to practice Yoga or Pilates, it is recommended to wear comfortable body-fit leggings(Women).

5. Wear appropriate undergarments - Proper undergarments are also necessary to exercises without facing any troubles. It will also give you a confidence boost. Thus, women should wear a good sports bra underneath their top and men should wear a protective cup if they intend to participate in any type of contact sports.

6. Wear the proper footwear - Your shoes are also a part of your attire. In fact, if you plan to sprint or jog, it can affect your performance by a lot. Wearing shoes with spikes are also safer for doing these types of activities and they also look cooler than wearing normal shoes.

Why should you wear activewear dresses while exercising? 

You can workout in normal clothes if you want but the experience may not be positive. Normal clothes may get heavy due to sweat absorption and also get sticky. This will make you uncomfortable while exercising and can prevent you from achieving the best results. 

Activewear garments are designed with synthetic fibers like spandex, polyester, lycra, etc. which allow your skin to breathe due to the special wicking property of these fabrics. As a result, you will feel more comfortable while working out and not feel as tired. 

There is also the added benefit of style. Activewear garments are stylish and look beautiful as well. Thus, you can also wear them normally when going out. 

Some recommended activewear products are as follows - 

1. Women's High Performance Yoga Activewear Contrast Color legging-AS30 

women legging


The “Women's High Performance Yoga Activewear Contrast Color legging-AS30” is an activewear apparel that only looks great but comfortable to wear as well. This is the perfect athletic garment to wear whether you want to have a Yoga session or want to practice running exercises. 

The moisture-wicking fabric will absorb all the sweat from your body but will not make you sweaty. The breathable mesh design at the bottom provides a stylish look but more importantly, it allows your skin to breathe. 

2. Women's activewear running mesh jacket-Pjk2

running mesh jacket


The ‘Women's activewear running mesh jacket-Pjk2’ is a full zip, long sleeve jacket which is perfect for any type of running activities. The mesh design of the jacket looks attractive and allows your skin to breath as well. The 4-way comfort stretch fabric is cozy to wear as well. 

You can use it as casual wear, beach wear, and outdoor fashion as well. If you want to flaunt a sense of sexiness, this is the jacket to wear. 

3. Women's High Performance Gym Sport Bra- STB9-L GREY 

sport bra


The ‘Women's High Performance Gym Sport Bra- STB9-L GREY’ is designed to fit your body perfectly and allow you to exercise with a natural range of motion. The ergonomic seams make it comfortable to wear and provides you a streamlined look. 

The moisture-wicking fabric will let you stay cool and comfortable and also support your overall figure. 

4. Women's Lifestyle Rayon Print Top-I 

women top


The ‘Women's Lifestyle Rayon Print Top-I’ is the perfect activewear top to wear with other activewear leggings such as leggings and sports bras. The loose and comfortable fit of the top makes it suitable to wear during workout sessions or even as casual wear. It also has a motivational message on the front which will inspire you to reach your goals and break your limits. 

A benefit to wearing activewear compared to sportswear is that you don’t have to change your clothes after you are done with your exercise sessions. This is because activewear can also be worn as a casual due to their stylish looks whereas sportswear look awkward as casual wear. Thus, if you love to exercise but don’t own any activewear clothes, you should buy them to experience the difference. 

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