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Private Label

MOQ 100 pcs (Mix 10 styles)

Manufacturing private label apparel, or branded apparel, is TheFreeYoga's specialty.

Private label garments are expertly designed over many weeks or even months by fashion designers, who put together sketches, line drawings, patterns, and other preparation materials. There are several necessary steps in the process of manufacturing private label clothing — and that's before you start looking for an apparel production manufacturer.

With so much work going into preparing custom clothing — why take your private label manufacturing overseas?

 From the major and established brand to the new clothing line just starting out, TheFreeYoga can help launch your clothing line — or take your established brand to the next level.

TheFreeYoga has worked with several different clients, each with different needs. We're also located in the Whittier of California. Every Private Label that  TheFreeYoga creates is hand-built with American labor. You will be able to speak with our established customer service representatives regarding any questions you have.

Private Label Manufacturing Services

Official branding makes private label apparel what it is. Brands commonly request printed or woven labels with their brand name displayed prominently — hence the name, “private label" apparel. Further finishing services include hanging tags, fold and bag services, and several other “small details" — all of which serve to differentiate a brand from its competition.

Generally, private label garment manufacturing creates garments with a unique and customized look. When creating private label apparel, even if you are not cut and sew construction, you can make use of several Stylus Apparel's services and still get highly unique, custom-created garments for your private label brand — using blanks as your basis!

•    Stylish and high-end blank garments.

•    Specialized printing techniques such as specialty inks for screen printing.

… and much more!

Printed Labels for Private Label Brands

Screen printed labels can legitimize your brand in the eyes of your consumers.

The most popular way to brand your brand’s apparel, custom back, or front labels are directly screen printed on the outside of your garments at the back, or front of the legging. These tags are superior to the industry standard heat-transfer tags due to their improved wash fastness. At TheFreeYoga, we use low-bleed technology to keep ink from bleeding through to the nape of your shirt… even on white shirts.

The Price for screen printing of your logo depends on the size of your logo and how many colors do you want to use on your logo.

Woven Labels for Private Label Brands

Woven labels can add even more of a polished, finished look to your private label apparel.

Typically, woven label tags are installed under the waist tape. However, they may also be sewn onto a shirt’s bottom hem or sleeve for added visibility (a great idea for brands seeking exposure and establishment)!

Woven labels are traditionally used to indicate sizing — but they can just showcase a brand’s logo, too. Simply put — having a custom woven label added to your private label apparel increases the professional look of the garment. Additionally, woven labels “legitimize” the product as boutique-worthy or retail-quality in the consumer’s mind — which is always great for your bottom line.

If you have your own brand label, just ship to us, we will sew to your order for free, if do not have your label, no worry, just send the design to us, we can create your label for you, the price depends on what type of woven label that you want to use.

Just create an account with us, and pick up to ten styles mix up to 100pcs from our website to build your brand, ship out within two weeks with your label or logo.